I took up reading again.
(Best. Decision. Ever.)

It's only mid January, yet I'm already in on my second book this year. We're still in the getting-to-know-each-other-state, but I'm pretty sure I'm falling.
I'm basically underlining sentences the way a student with a highlight marker does before a test.

It's something about reading and writing that makes me feel connected. It's closer to my own heads voice than anything else. Already, everything is so much more interesting. I often need to pause, reflect, and maybe write something down before I continue reading. This book already makes me feel more flirty and in love with life again. Man I even kind of want to see friends again, - by choice. It woke up some tired butterflies in my stomach again, and not because of a boy! (Not a fiction one either actually, it's a creative living kind of book, with the intention of doing nothing really - she just likes writing about it). It got me realizing that I need to pay more attention to my other passions as well, not only dancing because it made my heart beat the loudest. Because look at it now. Pounding and shit. I owe it to creativity for wanting to collabing with me and I owe it to myself. There's so many things I love that I put aside when clearing space for dancing; making videos, acro, working out, nerd-planning, singing, making projects, to draw, swim, read, write, growth, deep conversations etc etc.. I need all these things to be complete, I need all these things to maintain the curiosity I adore. This was just one of those pause and reflect notes. Good reading always inspires me to get back to writing, and I love writing.

The intensity I live for is very much alive in text. Most of the time, even more. Hell even when I'm living it myself, and I mean moments like being in the middle of a great first kiss, I still think about how I can't wait to get home to write about it instead.

BIG MAGIC is my permission slip. If you're a creative being too, read it.


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