4am knows all my secrets

When somebody wants you, their ego is calling the shots.
When somebody loves you though, their ego is not..

/He made me question it for a while. He believes the same things I used to believe, it was easy to agree with familiar opinions. But ego is nothing but selfish. He would probably have said anything to change my mind.
He told me I wasn’t in love, told me I stayed for safety.
He wasn’t entirely wrong. I’m not in love, but I feel more love than I ever have.
Even the days when I don’t, there’s something there to assure me. I don’t question it. This could never happen when my ego was in charge, ego isn’t exactly known to be very patience. And yeah, I’ve never felt so safe before. But it doesn’t mean I all of a sudden would be incomplete on my own.
It was the twist of the words, the way of saying it that made me believe that it was a bad thing. Ego wants desire, passion. Ego wants to be assured, but needs not to - otherwise it’ll be bored and look for confirmation some other place. Always tip-toeing.
Love is not a rollercoaster, love is stable. Unconditional. The question was never about him, it’s about me.
Passionated, rollercoaster ego thrilling excitement. Or well-known love and acceptance.
What’s it gonna be?/


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