No two persons ever read the same book

There's nothing like the promise a new book holds..

I'm only twelve pages in and already feel tingly, knowing that in a few hundred pages my mind will have expanded and that I have had to process and work through wounds as I go. 

There's something real special about this author.. I feel like what it is to me is not something that can be justly shared though. I can only share it with me, me and I. Both of us. A non judgy place for my ego and soul to be friends, because I feel like they are. Even if that's contradictory.  

As I got more and more hyped about it, I started thinking about how others would interpret this book. I don't think I can recommend a book of his to a single friend of mine because it'll feel like reading nonsense if you don't already know these things.. 
How do I know these things..?
Nobody ever explained it to me. Nobody ever taught me about this stuff. I didn't learn it from books, or authorities.
I did live it, though. 
I wish you could hand someone experience and growth.

But SIKE, you can not. We're all on different time schedules and paths, as we should be. It's just.. telling someone, having them nodding, seeing them actually believing that they understand yet feeling a little overwhelmed by the disapointment that they don't.... Uh. People can only ever meet you as far as they've met themselves. So then why do we seek understanding from people who does not even understand themselves? 

I decided that his writings is only for me, and the rest of the souls out there taken on the lovers path that I haven't yet met. 


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