Thank you

For teaching me how to be loved right
For being vulnerable and honest with me
For loving all of me, and not only when I deserve it 

For being annoying and unreasonable at times, so I could learn how to not always just walk away

For all the laughs

For how mature you are emotionally, after first getting to have your reaction haha

For being a mirror - showing me where I had some serious work to do 

For growing and letting me grow, regardless of that means us growing apart

For taking care of me 

For trusting us and letting us do this our own way

For being my family, my safe place

For being you. 


There’s so many stories behind these words.. the depth of which will never translate well enough to explain everything loving you and being loved by you have changed in me.

We’ve had a ton of different relationships during the four years we’ve lived together, you’ve been my boyfriend, brother, parent, maid, motivator, kid, mirror, chef, best friend, wrestling partner lol, nurse etc etc.. And even though people only seem to get hung up on the boyfriend one, I care way more about the one where we’re best friends. You've always been so much more than just a "boyfriend".

Moving apart is actually way harder than breaking up..

I will always and forever love you, in whatever form our relationship takes. Your love have healed so many wounds of mine, and the lack thereof is no longer in every decision I make.
You have changed my life Gustav.


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